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"So in war, the way is to avoid what is strong and to strike what is weak."  - Sun Tzu, The Art of War

Greyhat Emergency Response Team
A hacker has attacked your network. Your firewall has gone down and you don't know why. You have a DNS problem. Whatever the cause the result is the same, your network is no longer working. When your business depends on secure Internet access, having your network go down is not just an inconvenience. It is a serious business issue.

Times like these call for the Greyhat Tiger Team. Our expert forensic security practitioners are 100 percent focused on security issues. Greyhat's eRT understands the problems and issues you face and know how to troubleshoot them and fix them fast. Greyhat's Tiger Team will respond promptly to your request for assistance and will work to have you back in business quickly.

Our Greyhat Tiger Team has a proven track record that speaks for itself.
Here is just one example of how we have mobilized to correct mission-critical problems quickly:

A customer involved in electronic commerce on the Internet and dependent on a firewall for security activated the Greyhat Tiger Team.  They reported anomalous firewall and web server logs.

The customer's web server had allowed attackers to access unsecured, critical information that was seriously impacting the company's ability to do business and ensure customer privacy and confidentiality.

Our Greyhat Tiger Team quickly determined that the problem was not with the firewall, but with the web server's automated scripts. In a short period of time they discovered that the problem was being caused by a malicious assailant exploiting this flaw.

Our Greyhat Tiger Team got the immediate problem resolved,  analyzed the firewall log files, analyzed and identified the exploited vulnerability, determined the source of the attack, and then organized the company's ISP and Emergency Response Team.

Contact Greyhat immediately to activate the emergency response team.
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