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"So in war, the way is to avoid what is strong and to strike what is weak."  - Sun Tzu, The Art of War

eDUCATE - Penetration Test

Penetration Testing Goals

eDUCATE-Penetration Test demonstrates the existence or absence of known vulnerabilities that could be exploited by an assailant and enhances the awareness of the IT department, uncovering problems before the bad guys do and then plugs the holes to ensure maximum security.

Are you secure? Prove it.

Penetration Testing Matrix
  • GreyScan- Automated Internet security assessment service. The GreyScan AI Construct intelligently tests your Internet perimeter, detects vulnerabilities and suggests remedies. GreyScan delivers security assessments on demand, when and where you need them. On the Internet, the ideal way to remain secure is to stay ahead of the hackers. GreyScan beats hackers to the punch by diligantly probing your Internet-connected systems for vulnerabilities before they find them. It identifies holes in your Internet infrastructure, scanning beyond the firewall to any device with an IP address. Tests are performed over the web from the cybercriminal's perspective.
  • Remote [Perimeter] - Identify security weaknesses and strengths of the client's systems and networks as they appear from outside the client's security perimeter, usually from the Internet.
  • Intranet - Simulating an attack that a disgruntled employee or malicious user can perform while provided authorized access to the LAN as an end user.
  • Host based - Simulating an attack that a disgruntled employee or malicious user can perform while provided authorized access to a system as an end user.
  • War Dialing - The technique of identifying undocumented or unmanaged modems connected to a company's network. By actively seeking out these modems, a company can isolate and eliminate unwanted points of entry.
  • Wireless - War Driving - The Greyhat Exploit Team will attempt to uncover and defeat unsecured and secured wireless networks that are connected the client's wireless infrastructure.

Service Methodology

Greyhat's skilled security professionals perform test, analysis, scan and attack procedures from the Internet against contracted client locations. All activities are conducted during client-specified times over a predetermined evaluation period.

To achieve the eDUCATE goal, Greyhat security professionals:

    • Gather externally accessible configuration information
    • Scan client external network gateways to identify services and topology
    • Scan client Internet servers for ports and services vulnerable to attack
    • Attempt intrusion of vulnerable internal systems
Greyhat uses an intrusion methodology that mimics the process used by hackers to gain access to information and systems at the client's site. The methodology combines state-of-the-art-testing techniques with unique security expertise to provide the client with an independent assessment of its security posture. Greyhat security professionals use a set of evaluation tools - public domain, commercial and "home built" - to gather vulnerability information. Intrusion attempts are then performed using proprietary testing techniques. All known network-based attacks are employed in this process. Testing of the client's Internet connection is conducted from an external site.

Intrusion testing requires appropriate legal releases and waivers from the client. Greyhat is committed to minimizing disruptions and avoiding damage to client systems. In no case will Greyhat perform any actions prohibited by law.  

Client Deliverables

Greyhat will deliver an eDUCATE Report that contains an executive security overview, list of vulnerabilities, recommendations for risk mitigation, and a log of intrusion data obtained. The report will be delivered electronically in Adobe Acrobat format.

  Client Benefits

The eDUCATE Test & Analysis allows the client to anticipate external attacks that might cause security breaches and to proactively reduce risks to its information, systems, and networks. This proactive approach will improve the security of the client's networked resources, and help avoid the significant costs and uncertainties of dealing with external attacks and security breaches. This service can provide solutions for improving or implementing business over the Internet. A client will be able to conduct e-business and e-commerce operations with increased confidence in their ability to protect valuable data, resources, and reputation.
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