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"So in war, the way is to avoid what is strong and to strike what is weak."  - Sun Tzu, The Art of War

Greyhat Solutions
Security Solutions
Firewall Implementation Support
This consulting engagement involves working with your company to first understand your needs for network perimeter security. Your current security policy is thoroughly reviewed and used as the basis to develop the configuration rules required for a new firewall solution. Vendor products supported include industry leaders Check Point, Cisco, Symantec (Axent), WatchGuard, and NetScreen.
Virtual Private Network Design and Implementation
The architecture, design, engineering and implementation of a virtual private network (VPN) solution leverage the Internet. VPNs are an alternative to traditional WAN infrastructures that replace or augment existing private networks through the use of the Internet, connecting telecommuters, mobile users, or even smaller remote offices with minimal traffic to corporate computing resources while providing an opportunity to lower the cost of your communications infrastructure. Greyhat's support of VPNs includes the evaluation of vendor equipment against your company's needs for connectivity, site-to-site, and business partner, encryption, key management, throughput, and device manageability. The solution also addresses the need to authenticate, authorize and provide accounting for end user or partner connectivity supported by the VPN. Technologies supported include Check Point, Cisco, Nortel, and Alcatel.
Security Product Implementation and Upgrade
Greyhat provides security design, engineering, and implementation support for a broad range of security technologies. Engineering and implementation support includes setting up i) computer operating systems, customization of desktops, ii) installation of security software, patches, and fixes, iii) and the creation of the associated security policies, and iv) providing guidelines and training of the solution to customer security and administration personnel. Vendor products supported include Symantec (Axent), Check Point, Content Technologies, Telemate, Alladin Knowledge Systems, and Fortress Technologies.
Security Policy Development
Greyhat's Security Policy Development Service is for those organizations that want to begin implementing an e-commerce (Internet/intranet) strategy. These customers are very concerned with the security implications of such a business strategy, and recognize the need to develop a formal security policy regarding Internet and intranet accessibility of their systems and databases. In fact, this service should be of interest to every organization that does not yet have a formal security policy.
The Security Policy Development service provides the resources of a security consultant to establish a methodology for the development and maintenance of a formal security policy, assistance in the evaluation of business requirements for utilization of the applications and information supported by the customer's enterprise, and the development of rules and processes that make up the core of a security policy. This allows intended access yet protects the confidentiality and proprietary nature of company information assets. The security consultant works with customer management, technical personnel, and user representatives in determining requirements and develops a formal security policy.  This policy is the basis for evaluation and selection of security technologies (firewalls), development of processes and procedures, and the implementation of these components which successfully protects the company's assets and interests.
Greyhat's Security Policy Development Service offers the customer the technical expertise to assist in the critical steps necessary to minimize the potential for operational, financial, legal, and public image losses due to improperly considered security planning in the move towards more cost- effective business processes that utilize the power and visibility of the Internet. Our service offers customers the methodology to begin the logical planning of a security policy that will complement desired business processes without compromising the security and integrity of the systems utilized or the data stored and transmitted. Further, the methodology that will be introduced with this service will provide a process to allow for changes in business requirements in the future while ensuring corresponding changes to the security policy and implementation of the resulting security technologies and processes. This service moves the customer towards the desired goal of a secure e-commerce environment without a need to commit to additional long-term staffing resources.
Network Performance Solutions
Network Performance Analysis
We provide a performance analysis of the current network environment; develop baseline performance characteristics, and develop recommendations for a client using industry leading performance analysis tools including Fluke Networks, netIQ, and eTesting Labs.
Industry Specific Solutions
Healthcare Solutions
Compliance with HIPAA guidelines is one of the key issues that will confront healthcare organizations and IT professionals in the new millennium. In this section, you will discover information and tools to help your organization become HIPAA compliant.
Financial Solutions
Statement of U.S. Senator Phil Gramm
Sen. Phil Gramm, chairman of the Senate Committee on Banking, Housing and Urban Affairs, was among the Senate and House conferees who reached a compromise early Friday morning on details of financial services modernization, including the Community Reinvestment Act.  By vote of the conferees, the compromise will be part of the Gramm-Leach Act. Details of the compromise will be available Friday afternoon.
Gramm made the following statement after the compromise was reached:
"The financial services modernization legislation is the most important banking legislation in 60 years. The people it will benefit most are working families. It is legislation that we can be proud of, and it will become law because it will pass both houses of Congress by large margins and will be signed by the President. The hallmark of the bill is that it will make an array of financial services available to every American consumer that will provide lower prices and one-stop shopping at financial supermarkets in every city and town in the country.  The bill has very strong Community Reinvestment Act reforms. For the first time, payments of vast sums of money that flow under the requirement of CRA agreements will be made public, and those who receive the money will have to file an annual report on how they are spending that money in the public interest. This will promote real accountability and assure that the money is used to benefit the working families that it is supposed to help.  The legislation also grants major regulatory relief to every small bank in America. More than 82 percent will receive a dramatic reduction of the regulatory burden from CRA audits.
Finally, we met the legitimate privacy needs of Americans by guaranteeing that every bank must tell every customer what its privacy policy is, by assuring that every customer can opt out by changing to another bank if they don't like how they are treated, and by requiring that any bank which is considering use of our private information outside the institution give us an absolute right to simply say no. This is the strongest privacy policy provided in American history, but also one that will not destroy the information age before it begins."
Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act  
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